TV Club: Nora reveals the emotional scars underneath her cast in another terrific Leftovers

The Leftovers might be television’s most beautifully realized show. Whether or not you like what the show is doing, there’s no disputing that it’s doing that thing as bravely and creatively as that thing can be done. There seems to be no stone unturned, no concept unexplored, no idea to small or weird to play around with. And it’s hard to argue with the method when the result is an episode that includes Carrie Coon and Regina King bouncing on a trampoline to the tune of Wu-Tang Clan and a wrenching dramatic monologue about life, death, and the nature of things performed by a former star of Perfect Strangers playing himself. Look, that’s just good TV.

The return of Mark-Linn Baker worried me at first because his cameo last season as one of the Sudden Departure hoaxes worked so well as a quick joke, and …

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