TV Club: Noah’s book affects everyone’s lives on The Affair

If The Affair was a supernatural show, Noah’s book would be the ancient cursed artifact that infects and ruins the lives of everyone who reads it before murdering them in some sort of brutal fashion. In the more stark reality of this world, it ends up as much of the same, acting as both a mirror and a magnifying glass, intensifying how they see themselves as reflected and filtered through Noah’s words. Does what they see say more about them, or more about how Noah sees them? Or does it mean nothing at all?

The way this season of The Affair is structured, the book also serves as a sort of ticking time bomb as well, finally exploding all over this Thanksgiving-themed episode and leaving destruction everywhere in its wake. The person the book affects most is Alison, simply because her entire life has been rearranged to nurture …

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