TV Club: No Tomorrow’s dream boy is starting to seem a lot less dreamy

The problem with a character like Xavier is that he has to be really carefully calibrated. He can be charmingly offbeat and committed to his eccentric worldview, but he still has to register as someone who can form a viable romantic relationship with Evie. Asking her to try cliff driving is fun and adventurous. Showing up at her workplace is thoughtless and arrogant.

It would be one thing if all he did in this episode was get a job at her company without consulting her, which is already showing a lack of awareness about how his actions affect her. But the concept that he’s there for one day and leads her colleagues into a strike is not really forgivable. He’s going to get her fired.

The episode’s plot thankfully doesn’t have Evie cave completely to his point of view in this case, as it seems like …

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