TV Club: No Tomorrow takes some big scary steps toward maturity

Asking for forgiveness is a funny thing. It can be awfully difficult to distinguish between a genuine desire to make amends and an urge for an absolution that may not be earned. And not even the most empathetic among us can ever truly understand how our words or actions affected another person. But there are also times the only purpose an apology serves is dredging up a lot of bad feelings.

Evie and Xavier do a lot of crazy fun stuff on this show (and the actors must love some of the hijinks they get to film), but part of no regrets means fixing wrongs in addition to slingshotting yourself down a road in a shopping cart. They’re now starting to look at the ways they can move on from guilt about their past misbehaviors, which in Evie’s case involves ditching her high school best friend, and in …

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