TV Club: No Tomorrow starts to move beyond the honeymoon period

There’s always a tipping point when you like a new person, whether romantically or even just as a new friend, where you figure out what it is about them that is slightly less cool, whether it’s their unfortunate taste in music, an annoying laugh, or an inability to distinguish between your and you’re. On No Tomorrow, Evie knows from the start what Xavier’s weird thing is, but it’s finally starting to sink in just how hard it’s going to be to accept. His wacky apocalypse theory isn’t just a theory to him. It seeps into every moment of his life, from getting tased trying to get his theory verified to, alarmingly, how he interacts with new people he meets.

His suggestion that Evie is a bigot for not understanding his beliefs is clearly too strong, but the basis of his concern is not …

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