TV Club: No Tomorrow starts to find the cracks

It had to happen eventually: The first couple of cracks have started to appear in the Evie/Xander partnership. While this episode was a little scattered overall, with a few too many plots fighting for supremacy, the basic concept at the core was the same for everyone. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be good, and valuable. But it also means different things for different people. And for Xavier, who happily shares way too late that he’s ethically nonmonogamous, the brave new territory seems to be sharing how he feels with the girl he likes.

There was a sense that, much like Xavier, the show is trying to have its cake and eat it, too. He responds guiltily when Evie catches him with Tuesday, but then we’re supposed to be OK with him having not told her he’s seeing other people. It’s a fair assessment that …

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