TV Club: No Tomorrow begins to address its rom com problems

Having set up its rom com premise, it’s about time that No Tomorrow started tearing it down. “I can’t be the girl in the rom com who overlooks serious issues just because the guy is charming,” says Evie, and with that, the show finally started to address the big Xavier-shaped problem it created.

It was probably inevitable that a character designed to be as rom com-ish as Xavier was going to have some huge downsides. He encourages Evie to seize the day, but with no ability to see how it affects her life. He’s perceptive about what she needs to change, but it makes him think he always knows what’s best for her. He’s not stuck on worrying about things, but it means he’s dismissive when Evie insists something is worth worrying about.

And she has forgiven an awful lot about him. But overlooking …

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