TV Club: No one’s watching the watchmen on a so-so Black Mirror

The secret hook to most every horror story is pretty simple: most of the time, the protagonist deserves what they get. Oh, there are exceptions, but a show in which horrible things happened to perfectly nice people every week is not a show that would hold people’s interest for very long. At the very least, it would be one without the thin veneer of morality that gives so many anthology series their texture. The Twilight Zone did it, Tales From The Crypt did it, and Black Mirror is no exception to the rule.

Invariably the punishment outweighs the initial transgression, often to a ludicrous degree. (Crypt got a big charge out of this, even as it made every effort to assure us that its “heroes” were creeps, losers, sociopaths, and douchebags.) We’re encouraged to have at least a little sympathy for the poor sap, even if there’s …

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