TV Club: No one died on Survivor, despite what those scary promos said

This is the episodes that promos built. All week, CBS has been endlessly promoting this episode with some frighteningly-edited spots teasing what looked like a fairly significant injury during one of the challenges. They were so effective that I spent the entire episode with a sense of building dread, waiting for the moment where someone suffers what is surely a traumatic brain injury.

Did that happen? Nope. But did the promos affect my ability to enjoy the episode fully? Most certainly. It’s a tricky situation because there’s not much the show can do about how the network chooses to promote it, yet those outside extra-textual elements can certainly play a part in how the show itself is consumed by audiences. If you didn’t see any promos, the intra-episode dread was mostly confined to the Immunity Challenge itself, which what the producers of the show intended. If, like …

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