TV Club: New York City’s worst best friends gather one last time in the penultimate Girls

Girls saved its biggest twist for next-to-last. The news of Hannah’s pregnancy was surprising, as well as her decision to keep and raise the child in spite of the less-than-ideal circumstances surrounding its conception. “Goodbye Tour” leads with another shocker—Hannah’s been offered a teaching job at an unidentified liberal arts college somewhere upstate, and she’s ready to leave the city behind. But that’s still not the most jaw-dropping revelation of the episode. As it turns out, Shosh has been the smart, well-adjusted one all along, and “Goodbye Tour” sets her up for one hell of a mic drop.

Well, maybe “all along” is a bit of an overstatement, but Shoshanna makes clear that all her off-camera soul searching has left her a changed woman. She doesn’t appear until the final third of the episode, when Hannah drops by her place and finds Shosh in …

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