TV Club: New Girl’s season (and maybe series) finale is packed with joyous farce

Last week, “San Diego” feinted in the direction of convenience and cowardice, then turned the tables, letting each character get something they deserve. In “Five Stars For Beezus,” that cowardice—and the courage to overcome it—goes from subtext to text as Jess, Nick, and Winston all face up to fears. These last two episodes of the sixth season fit together like Jess and Nick, like Schmidt and Cece, like Winston and Furguson—I mean, Winston and Aly.

But, in Schmidt’s words, “I’m getting ahead of myself. Mazel!”

I mean that congratulations sincerely. If “Five Stars For Beezus” ends up being not just the season finale but also the series finale, the writers, showrunners, and cast can be proud. They’ve given everyone a milestone and a moment in the spotlight. Sure, I could watch another year of these lovable misfits stumbling into belated adulthood. I could watch …

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