TV Club: New Girl plays to its weaknesses and “Es Good”

“Es Good” makes several of New Girl‘s recent weaknesses into strengths. In the opening scene, Winston poses a question to Jess and Robby “because I’m invested. Um, are you two exclusive?” They stammer through several non-answers before Jess announces she’d like to take it slow. “So what are we looking at here?” Winston presses. “Open relationship? Friends with benefits? The old dog-and-bone situation?”

That’s just one out of the many things we don’t know about Jess and Robby, and one out of the, oh, everything we don’t know about Robby. I’ve mentioned before that Jess’ almost complete ignorance of Robby’s inner life—and, it turns out, his outer life—runs counter to everything we know about her. Instead of merely perpetuating that unlikely vagueness about her good friend, singles group co-member, and romantic interest, “Es Good” lampshades it.

Robby’s bland affability …

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