TV Club: New Girl: “Par 5”

As Erik Adams has consistently pointed out, New Girl is one of those rare casts where the whole is really more than the sum of its parts. All of this season’s exemplary episodes have been ones in which the entire cast interacts, spotlighting their awesome chemistry: “Landline,” “Spiderhunt,” “The Crawl,” “Background Check. ” I’m sure it can’t be easy to keep coming up with ways to keep all six members of the main cast together, mainly in the loft (hunting for spiders?). But “Par 5” shows the danger of diluting that kind of momentum.

After a fun first scene, basically due to Fawn’s performance review of Schmidt “as a lover and a man,” the cast gets sliced up, with Fawn and Jess at the golf course, Schmidt and Cece and glittery bronzer, and Winston, Coach, and Nick in a B-plot that has the possibility for being more …

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