TV Club: New Girl: “Pantygate”

Four years ago, the producers of New Girl faced a crucial decision. With Damon Wayans Jr. contractually obligated to return to Happy Endings for its second season, they’d lost their Coach. Another actor could’ve filled it, but that would’ve required a massive overhaul of New Girl‘s pilot episode. Instead, Lamorne Morris was brought in as Winston in “Kryptonite,” which hobbled the show (and the character) for a spell, but resulted in a beautifully weird, consistently funny presence distinct from what Wayans brought to the first episode. And in the event that Happy Endings ended and New Girl remained on the air, Wayans could still return to the loft as Coach.

The possibility of such a return felt remote in 2011; even when news broke that Wayans would reprise the role in New Girl‘s third season, it was unlikely that he’d stay as long as …

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