TV Club: New Girl doesn’t get too sentimental like those other sticky Valentines

When Jessica Day discovers her roommates are stifling their Valentine’s celebrations to spare her feelings, she scoffs. “That ‘sad single girl on Valentine’s Day’ cliché? Do better!” And New Girl does better. Everything in “Operation: Bobcat” works together like a well-oiled machine. Or maybe it’s more like a many-month, multi-stage plan suddenly consolidated into one grand gesture. Either way, this Valentine’s Day episode explores the complex relationships and beloved characters of New Girl with sensitivity, humor, and unexpected but perfectly logical ins and outs.

“Nahhhhhhhhh.” (Lamorne Morris) (Screenshot: FOX)

Jess convinces Winston to ignore Aly’s hatred for Valentine’s Day, and he’s uncharacteristically (and sweetly) restrained, showing up with a pizza and a stuffed koala, making goofy jokes about getting some “koala-ty time” together. Maybe diverting his affectionate scheming into his 21-stage proposal plan is what allows Winston to be so subdued—but it …

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