TV Club: New Girl: “Coming Out”

To enrich the characters at its core, New Girl‘s fourth season looks to external sources. The show has had a lot of fun, and continues to have fun, with its characters’ tight-knit bonds—but that sort of thing can get claustrophobic. To give itself new storytelling real estate, the fourth-season comeback looks beyond the loft: Jess takes on new responsibilities at school, which are complicated by a workplace romance. Winston turns out to be a great cop, and the job feeds his eccentricities in unpredictable ways. Nick finds a sugar mama, so Cece’s tending bar more often, which gives the writers a more organic way of incorporating Hannah Simone into every episode. These are all positive moves, and they keep the show fresh at a time when other series might settle into routine.

Unfortunately, the instincts that opened all of those storytelling doors are kicked into overdrive in …

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