TV Club: New Girl: “Clean Break”

New Girl‘s fourth season began with the roommates gleefully ripping wedding invitations from their refrigerator. Twenty-one episodes later, Jess—with a smile and a shrug—tacks one more notice of upcoming nuptials to that stationery collage. After multiple breakups, several makeups, one declaration of friendship (and an equally confident confession of love), Cecelia Parekh and [First Name Redacted.] Schmidt are engaged to be wed. And all it took was one of the most satisfying sitcom turnarounds in recent memory.

“Clean Break” is the culmination of that turnaround, a tribute to a key player in New Girl‘s comeback season that simultaneously displays the depth of the bench he leaves behind. There’s no better evidence of the effect Damon Wayans Jr. has had on New Girl (and the effect New Girl has had on Damon Wayans Jr.) than the emotional journey Coach takes in this episode. Entering “Clean Break …

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