TV Club: New Day earned the tag team record, even if Raw’s storytelling didn’t

New Day didn’t even get to stand tall on the night they tied—and, unless they accept an impromptu challenge on SmackDown Live tomorrow, effectively broke—Demolition’s record for longest tag team title reign. As such, the least I can do is make them the focus of tonight’s review. It’s well-deserved, considering how much all three members delivered the goods in the ring. Big E is one hell of a workhorse, putting in significant time in a pair of matches even when you wouldn’t necessarily say cardio is his best asset. Xavier Woods is the breakout star of tonight, hanging in there against the combined might of all four of Raw‘s main eventers and damn near pinning Roman Reigns. And Kofi Kingston would be the MVP of that first match if not for the fact that Cesaro exists, but the Swiss Superman rarely looks …

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