TV Club: Netflix joins the crime-doc parade with the gripping Making A Murderer

There’s a odd, slightly uncomfortable line when both creating and watching true-crime documentaries like Netflix’s new ten-part series Making A Murderer: Is this “entertainment” or is it something else? (Or both?) As evidenced recently with The Jinx and Serial, there’s no doubt that these types of stories can be gripping and intense—and even capable of being shaped and intruded upon by their observers. Without Serial, it seems unlikely that Adnan Syed would have any hope at the moment; without The Jinx, Robert Durst might still be walking around a free man.

Now, having watched the first two episodes of Making A Murderer, I have no idea where Steven Avery is going to end up, or whether the series will have any real-world effect on his case. I’m not going to cheat and look up the details. (At least I don’t think I am.) What …

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