TV Club: NBC finally gets it right with The Wiz Live!

And that’s how you put on a show! The Wiz Live! may be NBC’s third attempt at staging a live musical, but it’s the first one that worked without any caveats necessary. I was kinder to The Sound Of Music Live! and Peter Pan Live! than most critics because I felt there was a lot of potential in the idea of staging live musical theater. Tonight NBC proved my faith was well placed with a musical event that was finally worth watching and not just hate-watching.

It helps that The Wiz is just better source material for a live production than the past two bloated, old-fashioned musicals. While The Wiz isn’t exactly modern (it opened on Broadway in 1975), it’s radio-ready score and ever so slightly edgy book (there’s a joke about transporting a minor across state lines!) make it immediately accessible to modern …

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