TV Club: Nathan finally makes a friend in an uneven Nathan For You

Failure is at the foundation of Nathan For You, and it typically comes as a result of Nathan Fielder’s inability to convince his clients to permanently implement his often ingenious but always unfeasible workarounds. Nathan also flubs nearly all of his attempts to create human connection, which is no easy feat considering most of his interactions come within the context of offering proprietors television exposure and complimentary, if terrible advice for their small businesses. Fielder goes to great lengths to ensure that each segment ends with a brutal rejection of his social overtures, and doing so has yielded some Nathan’s best moments, like when Brian Wolfe called him “the wizard of loneliness.” Season three isn’t Nathan For You‘s best run of episodes, but it’s the most interesting run, in part because Nathan has stumbled onto a new type of failure. He’s failing to fail …

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