TV Club: Namaste, Bob’s Burgers, namaste

As returning Bob’s Burgers guest characters go, there aren’t many deeper cuts than Jairo, the Brazilian capoeira instructor from the show’s fourth ever episode, “Sexy Dance Fighting.” That episode came from an era when Bob’s Burgers was still figuring itself out—opinions differ as to when the show hits its stride, with many favoring the eighth episode, “Art Crawl,” even though the objectively right answer is the sixth entry, “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?”—and it’s not exactly a bad episode, but neither is it especially memorable. It’s representative of what the show appeared to be in its early going, with my predecessor Rowan Kaiser suggesting the show was carrying on King Of The Hill‘s tradition of having Bob as a put-upon normal guy dealing with various annoying bureaucratic, liberal, or otherwise unconventional types. Obviously, that didn’t prove to be the case: “Sheesh! Cab …

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