TV Club: Music biopics hit a new low in Lifetime’s Britney Ever After

Lifetime’s unauthorized Britney Spears biopic presents itself as a fairy tale come true, right down to the title. But Britney Ever After ends up playing just as innocent as its subject once did—Leslie Libman’s film is more interested in rehashing years-old innuendo and gossip than in exploring whatever factors might have contributed to Spears’ breakdown or the desperate need for love it posits she’s struggled with. All of this could be set aside to enjoy a two-hour bit of entertainment that’s at least aware of its own trashiness, but Britney Ever After insists it has more noble intentions.

The film frequently nods to an actual Spears documentary, 2008’s Britney: For The Record, for a little credibility boost (it’s also worth noting that Lifetime aired another Spears doc, I Am Britney Jean, immediately after). That and a Google search seems to be the extent …

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