TV Club: Music becomes a long (play) game on The Get Down

Early on in “The Beat Says, This Is The Way,” Marrakech Star’s Roy Asheton insists that, if Mylene wants to be taken seriously as an artist, she needs to start crafting high-quality albums instead of just singles. While he’s right, it’s somewhat odd to hear a powerful executive of a disco label—a non-AOR musical genre if there ever was one—want to play the LP game instead of the EP or the singles one.

Don’t get me wrong—there were certainly classic front-to-back disco albums in 1978, including the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Giorgio Moroder‘s From Here To Eternity, and A Love Trilogy by Donna Summer, who Asheton uses as a reference point for someone Mylene should aspire to be. But on a whole, the genre was viewed as more of a singles machine, a means of putting out epic-length tracks better suited for …

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