TV Club: Mr. Robot: “eps1.7wh1ter0se.m4v”

“What is the talent of the actor? It is the art of counterfeiting himself, of putting on another character other than his own, of appearing different than he is, of becoming passionate in cold blood, of saying what he does not think as naturally as if he really did think it, and, finally, of forgetting his own place by dint of taking another’s.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Politics And The Arts: Letter To M. D’Alembert On The Theatre, p. 79.

All Elliot wanted to do was celebrate. In 43 hours, their rootkit is set to take down EvilCorp. Thanks to the tip from White Rose, Elliot learned about the honeypot, and was able to arrange for Darlene’s distraction video at AllSafe headquarters, keeping Gideon busy for the 90 seconds he needed to gain access, thereby sending a message to expose the servers and bring about the downfall of the …

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