TV Club: Mr. Robot: “eps1.43xpl0its.wmv”

“Many among us find it gratifying to entertain the thought that alienation is to be overcome only by the completeness of alienation, and that alienation completed is not a deprivation but a potency. expression of disaffection from the social existence was ever so desperate as this eagerness to say that authenticity of personal being is achieved through an ultimate isolateness and through the power that this is presumed to bring. The falsities of an alienated reality are rejected in favor of an upward psychopathic mobility to the point of divinity, each one of us a Christ.” — Lionel Trilling, Sincerity And Authenticity

People are people. We’re all mostly the same, as Mobley says during his frantic brainstorm with Mr. Robot and Romero in the van, while Elliot waits helplessly for an elevator to escort him out of Steel Mountain. We all tend toward generalization, because we share fundamental qualities …

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