TV Club: Mr. Robot: “Eps1.2d3bug.mkv”

Just when Elliot thinks he’s out, they pull him back in. In a scene that played like a quickie version of the “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” montage in Spider-Man 2, our troubled protagonist thinks that FSociety is over. He makes new plans, to “lead a bug-free life.” He agrees to attend Gideon’s dinner party. He even decides to ask Shayla to be his girlfriend, a feat that seemed beyond the pale until now. Gideon sums it up nicely, leaning out the door to watch Elliot walk away—then asking his secretary, “Was he drinking Starbucks?”

And then it’s revealed Colby knowingly allowed Elliot’s father to be exposed to toxic waste, leading to his leukemia and eventual death. And it all goes to hell.

Elliot is the Alpha and Omega of Mr. Robot. Sure, watching the other characters and subplots can be fun, but as …

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