TV Club: Mozart’s manic dream pixie conductor has a rude awakening

Mozart In The Jungle ends its time in Italy with an episode full of triumph, betrayal, and devastation, which is fitting for both the series and the opera-inspired story arc that’s carried the first half of this season. Rodrigo received multiple warnings upon meeting La Fiamma, including one from the diva herself, so of course he concludes this “avventura romantica” with an outright threat.

Rodrigo and Alessandra never really had a shot, and not just because of his unresolved feelings for Hailey. His fickle nature is made tolerable, even enjoyable, by Gael García Bernal’s playful, wolfish performance. But the conductor is mostly careless about other people’s feelings. It’s not malice; he’s just moving to his own beat, following his heart, etc. (For someone so opposed to convention, Rodrigo certainly likes doling out the platitudes.) He’s bucked at tradition in Manhattan and now in Venice …

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