TV Club: Mozart in the Jungle: “You Have Insulted Tchaikovsky”

“You Have Insulted Tchaikovsky” is the best episode of Mozart in the Jungle so far for many reasons: It combines its low-stakes, observational approach with a simple episodic plot, it focuses on the thematic thrust of the series, and it’s a great showcase for most everyone in the ensemble. But most importantly, it illustrates that there are no villains in the series. There are just people who have different competing interests and ideologies, with different fears and struggles, all dwelling in the same boat. Many critics, myself included, have compared Mozart in the Jungle to the excellent Canadian drama Slings and Arrows, but in the first three episodes, the overlap between the two series has been fairly superficial. However, “You Have Insulted Tchaikovsky” stands as the best example for those eager to compare the two because it illustrates the series’ empathy for everyone, like Slings and Arrows did every …

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