TV Club: Mozart In the Jungle wraps up its third season with an f’ing satisfying finale

My goodness can you feel it? The release of three seasons of sexual tension? Well, it happened. Hailey and Rodrigo finally had sex. It’s a big moment for the series, one that it had been teasing since the characters’ kiss at the end of season one, and the circumstances surrounding the tryst make it both wonderful and fraught.

Hailey has to try out for the open oboe chair with the Symphony. It seems terribly unfair. She’s been playing with the orchestra after all; She’s a member of their club. To make matters worse, it’s a blind audition. Of course, Rodrigo knows when she plays, and she does so splendidly. Still, it turns out that’s not enough. Rodrigo goes to her apartment to personally tell her the news. Another person got it, and to add insult to injury the winner was a guy with whom Hailey …

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