TV Club: Mozart in the Jungle: “The Rehearsal”

“With everything ugly out there, you have to break up something so fucking beautiful?”

Mozart in the Jungle wants to be many different types of shows. It wants to be a backstage drama about an orchestra. It wants to be an exploration of the trials and tribulations of artists. It wants to be a tender tribute to the art that surrounds all of us. Mozart‘s ambition is respectable, and it has produced some high points in the series so far, but it also leads to some misshapenness around the edges. The minimal plot that drives the series awkwardly stalls and starts up again at the will of the writers. Some characters act like ungainly plot pawns and rich three-dimensional figures often within the same episode (I’m thinking of Thomas and Cynthia especially). While I find some of the series’ developments muddled, I don’t know if Mozart in …

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