TV Club: Mozart In The Jungle takes a trip to Rikers in an admirable, messy episode

“Not Yet Titled” is an ambitious episode for Mozart. Most obviously, it breaks from the usual visual style in attempting to show Bradford Sharp’s documentary about the symphony, a shaky cam attempt at verité. It’s a fun idea, not quite perfectly executed. There are too many questions at hand: For example, how many cameras are at Bradford’s disposal? (He gets a lot of different angles.) Are we watching the finished product? (He seems unsure of what he’s doing.) And, frankly, it’s hard to take Bradford seriously. He’s such a parody of a neurotic hipster and Jason Schwartzman’s portrayal doesn’t do him any favors. This becomes even more of a problem when you realize where the orchestra is playing their concert: Rikers Island. Stick through the end of the credits and you’ll realize that Mozart didn’t fake this. The crew really …

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