TV Club: Mozart In The Jungle: “Opening Night”

“Opening Night” works in spite of itself. As an episode of television, its too tidy and constructed, almost every story and character beat was telegraphed from a mile away, and it tries too hard to force a neat conclusion for everyone in the ensemble. However, even though I had a rough idea about what was going to happen and how it would play out, I got caught up in it about halfway through the finale. It doesn’t reach the heights of “The Rehearsal” or “You Go To My Head,” and it doesn’t aim to surprise or to forge a new path forward, but that’s because it sets its sights low. “Opening Night” pares down its focus to Hailey and Rodrigo, the pair the series began with, and brings their own journeys back into the fold. Since most everything springs from those two characters’ struggles, “Opening Night” has …

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