TV Club: Mozart In The Jungle: “Now, Fortissimo!”

I don’t know what to make of “Now, Fortissimo!” It’s not especially bad nor is it especially good. Nothing much really happens plot-wise, which is fine, but none of it is compelling, either. It’s occasionally funny and mostly boring possibly because the episode centers around one of the least-developed, least-interesting plotlines in the season—Rodrigo’s passionate on-and-off relationship with his wife Anna Maria—but it also might be because the series may have run out of things to say. It’s clear now that Mozart In The Jungle isn’t particularly invested in most of the major conflicts it has established over the season—Gloria and the orchestra’s financial troubles, Hailey and her journey to get into the symphony, Cynthia’s conflicted alliances—which, again, is fine if wants to privilege smaller mood or character pieces while the plot hums in the background, but I …

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