TV Club: Mozart In The Jungle: “Mozart With The Bacon”

It’s understandable, nay expected, that after pausing the season’s main action with “You Go To My Head,” Mozart In The Jungle might downshift a little bit getting back to the driving plot. There are three episodes left to wrap up the season’s various strands and it’s only natural that the series might do some table-setting to ground the characters and conflicts. But after two great episodes, “Mozart With The Bacon” is a disappointment. It’s unfocused and overstuffed with three stories that range from contrived to frustrating. While there are some nice moments here and there, “Mozart With The Bacon” stands out as the series’ low point. Even Wallace Shawn couldn’t save it from its own choices.

I will tackle each of the episode’s stories separately because there’s little to connect them anyway.

Story 1: Rodrigo’s journey into his subconscious

Winslow Elliot …

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