TV Club: Mozart in the Jungle: “I’m with the Maestro”

The theme that runs through the three stories in “I’m with the Maestro” is passion. Passion can excite and corrupt people. It can compel them to do powerful things and it can also drive them to madness. For the characters in Mozart in the Jungle, it’s a passion for music that pushes them to do whatever is necessary to be a part of that world, even if that means playing beneath a crappy Broadway musical or scoring a small horror film. Rodrigo talks about his “dreadful passion” for his wife to the priest in the park and how it completely consumes him, but that might as well be the reason he commits to conducting, or why Hailey spends the night with Rodrigo at a performance art show. All of these characters are passionate, but it’s how they channel that passion that defines them.

Betty Cragdale (Debra Monk …

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