TV Club: Moonbeam City: “Mall Hath No Fury”

As an animation fan, it’s fascinating to see the way more limited forms of TV cartoons have become playgrounds of creativity, to the point where the absurdist animated satire is pretty much a genre unto itself. This isn’t new, of course: Rocky And Bullwinkle took the relatively crude form of a Hanna-Barbera TV production and turned it into a low-cost delivery method for a clever (and influential) brand of silliness. Years later, The Simpsons looked far crummier than the kind of full animation Disney’s feature division was churning out (and sometimes, in its earlier years, more slapdash than Disney’s TV fare); these days, regardless of its erratic-at-best writing, the animation looks far more detailed and polished than anyone would have predicted in 1990. Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim shows, of course, have since turned simple, sometimes borderline nonexistent animation into a sort of art form.

Even …

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