TV Club: Moonbeam City goes out with a bunch of bangs and a lot of Rad

Goodbye, Moonbeam City! In “The Wedding of Rad (Lie),” the final episode of the season (or perhaps ever? The last-minute switch of its final two episodes to a post-midnight timeslot doesn’t bode well), the series does something it’s been building to for a while now. Even moreso than last week, this episode is told largely from the point of view of one Rad Cunningham, voiced by the incomparable Will Forte. It begins with the hapless Rad in accidental triumph; when the squad open fires on a local mob boss, Rad angrily discards his gun, and in a flip of the classic action-movie desperation move, actually beans the guy – which sends him stumbling into the path of an oncoming truck.

But when the boss’s daughter, Nebula Deluxiado, spokesowner of the self-identified “mob casino,” comes to demand an audience with her father’s murderer, Rad cowers and blames Dazzle …

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