TV Club: Moonbeam City could always get more Rad

As we head into the final stretch of Moonbeam City episodes, curiosity about how the production order was shuffled into the airing order drops away; I haven’t found any information on whether the last three episodes (the middle of which, “The Legend of Circuit Lake,” aired tonight) are airing in the order they were produced, but at very least they seem to have been made toward the end of the order (the last three produced, even if they weren’t produced in this order). In other words, the Moonbeam City we see tonight should, on some level, represent the Moonbeam City its creators settled into making as they continued to work on the show.

It’s not always easy to find development in a show like this: non-serialized, super joke-heavy, largely (sometimes blessedly) arc-free, and, as a cartoon, relatively long-lead. But it seems safe to say that Will Forte …

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