TV Club: Money woes lead to a classic telenovela catfight on Jane The Virgin

When a show moves as fast as Jane The Virgin, four episodes can feel like a very long time. I’m surprised that the series has kept the Petrafied plot going for as long as it has, but “Chapter Forty-Eight” is when Anezka and Magda’s scheme starts to unravel. Turns out that stealing a person’s identity is very tricky when that person has a lot of financial responsibilities and complicated ties to those around her, and Anezka can’t keep the façade up when she’s pressured to take the next step in her mother’s plan.

Tonight’s chapter makes up for the total absence of Petranezka last week, and the script by Sarah Goldfinger, Jessica O’Toole, and Amy Rardin wisely ties the drama surrounding her character directly to Jane and her more relatable personal problem this week. Jane and Michael can’t afford their new …

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