TV Club: Monday Night Raw’s complacency can’t be saved by its final hour

Over on Smackdown! Live, the Blue show hasn’t missed a step while building towards Survivor Series. In fact, the show has used the unique structure of the upcoming PPV, which pits Blue against Red in three traditional Survivor Series matches and also sees Dolph Ziggler defending his Intercontinental Title in a cross-brand match against Sami Zayn, to not only build up some heat for the Raw vs. Smackdown rivalry, but also move its own brand-specific stories forward. Smackdown! Live has found interesting ways to introduce its teams while keeping the smaller feuds in mind. Raw can’t say the same. For weeks now they’ve been halfheartedly committed to their supposed feud with Smackdown! Live, and this week’s episode is the true nadir. While there are smaller moments that truly do stand out—the same ones that stood out last week, to be honest—the three hour show …

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