TV Club: Monday Night Raw hosts the Slammys, so excitement gets the night off

When people start talking about how to fix Monday Night Raw during its most abysmal creative times, there are three things that largely dominate the conversation. Firstly, there’s the notion that Raw should be shortened back to a two-hour show so as to preserve quality. Three hours is just too much to handle, especially when you consider the bevy of other shows and appearances the Superstars have. Secondly, there’s often a call for some sort of offseason. Raw hardly ever goes off the air, and to many, a dedicated offseason, even just for a month, would allow the product to reset storylines and provide a clearer structure from one “season” to the next. Lastly, there’s often a critique of how WWE builds its talent. Specifically, many point out how the creatively dull periods expose just how much WWE leans on a small handful of Superstars and part-timers …

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