TV Club: Modern Family wastes a visit from Catherine O’Hara

When Modern Family is really firing on all cylinders, it’s usually working to subvert a few sitcom tropes while also embracing its structure and milking it for as many laughs as possible. So far this season the show has struggled to really do something different or interesting with its sitcom structure. It seems like, after seven seasons, Modern Family is falling back on tired storylines and rote tropes, the novelty of the various couples having worn off at this point. It doesn’t help that the show, which was once vibrant and fresh, feels stale when stacked against newcomers like Black-ish and Fresh Off The Boat.

To prove just how dire and inconsistent this season has been, consider that tonight’s episode, “Clean Out Your Junk Drawer,” boasts a guest appearance from Catherine O’Hara as a self-help guru and yet can barely find a laugh throughout the half …

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