TV Club: Modern Family: “The Big Guns”

Modern Family is frequently lopsided in the Dunphys favor, if for no other reason than the numbers. When half the show’s ensemble resides under one roof, it’s nearly impossible to avoid making episodes so Dunphy-centric as to make it easy to forget the other characters exist until they appear on screen. That’s not always a problem, given that the Dunphys are usually the source of the show’s funniest material, but “The Big Guns” is indicative of why the show’s bias towards the Dunphys is broadly problematic.

“The Big Guns” welcomes back the LaFontaines, who continue to irritate Phil and Claire (more the latter than the former, naturally) with their unrefined ways, this time by storing a boat emblazoned with gambling symbols in their driveway. After a charm offensive involving banana bread fails to do the trick, Phil and Claire have to resort to gamesmanship to …

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