TV Club: Modern Family: “Integrity”

When Modern Family first came on the scene in 2009, it was lauded for the progressiveness of its characters’ multicultural living situations. In its sixth season, it has largely eschewed trying to say something profound about American society, and has stuck to its pun-filled multi-storyline formula. Which, for the most part, works great. In “Integrity,” though, Modern Family flirts with some of those themes of identity, but never pulls the trigger on exploring them fully.

The episode begins with Manny nursing a spurned heart and Baby Joe about to have a birthday party (most plots in Modern Family seem to revolve around an excuse for a large gathering). As Manny clutches his pearls on the couch, Gloria admires Joe’s painted toenails, which she has just completed. Jay, as the slightly conservative point of view, laments that while he wanted just one football-loving, chest-hair-growing son, all he got was a …

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