TV Club: Modern Family: “Grill, Interrupted”

Modern Family has no business being as good as it is. Sitcoms are expected to go stale, retread old jokes, jump the shark, and then die an overdue death. As Gwen has pointed out, Modern Family is on a tear of superb episodes lately, starting with the anti-Luddite ode, “Connection Lost.” What makes this family different from others is the depth and heart the characters possess. The Dunphys et al. are more like, well, a real family. And that makes their schtick last longer.

“Grill, Interrupted” centers less around a grill and more around expectations. Phil is over-the-moon excited to give Jay a new fancy grill for his birthday. But when Jay pulls up in a beautiful new Thunderbird, it’s obvious the excitement is going to be one-sided. I like how this episode’s A, B, C, and D stories take place simultaneously at Jay’s house over one …

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