TV Club: Modern Family finds sweetness in goofiness

When you’ve spent eight seasons watching a sitcom, you tend to have immediate reactions to certain episode descriptions or teasers. Fair or not, it comes with the territory of having sat through ebbs and flows of quality, arriving at an understanding of what the show does well and where it often falters. I’ll admit that when I saw this episode was going to be heavy on Frank—it’s titled “Frank’s Wedding” after all—and his Roaring ‘20s themed wedding, I was a little worried. The mix of Frank, an overly obnoxious character—not a knock on Fred Willard, by the way—and the potential for wedding-themed disasters just didn’t sound like the kind of episode Modern Family could reasonably pull off so far into its run. That doesn’t mean I came into the episode without an open mind, but rather that a gut reaction …

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