TV Club: Modern Family: “Crying Out Loud”

After so many seasons, the emotional landscape of Modern Family is well-known. At more than 100 episodes, even with a larger cast (13 if we count the dog), regular viewers know these various relationships, maybe as well as their own families. Gloria doesn’t like any of Manny’s girlfriends, ever since that girl who put salt in her chocolate milk. Jay is reticent around his kids. Cam is uber-emotional. And Haley and Alex never get along.

So it’s impressive to get an episode like this one that, although it keeps these four strains of the family separate, unites the storylines with an overarching theme, which is right there in the episode title so there’s no chance of missing it: “Crying Out Loud.” Even with this familiar territory, many of our Dunphy-Pritchett family members are hiding their emotions, and nearly all of them feel better when they come …

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