TV Club: Modern Family: “American Skyper”

Leave it to Modern Family, the most stubbornly formulaic sitcom on television, to make a high school commencement, one of the most significant days in a young person’s life, feel like business as usual. Speaking of business as usual, Modern Family was recently renewed for a seventh season, and given how long it has been on the air, “American Skyper” is more than a season finale, it’s yet another example of how static the show’s characters are and how bereft it is of actual stakes. “Skyper” isn’t bad necessarily, but with every Modern Family episode, save for the occasional, polarizing structural experiment, it becomes clearer that for this show, “not bad” is the ceiling, and “Please God, put this thing out of its misery” is the floor.

For once, I feel comfortable saying “Skyper” may conclude the last season in which Modern Family is able to …

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