TV Club: Misunderstanding is Modern Family’s best friend

The last few episodes of Modern Family have really suffered from a lack of inventiveness. So many storylines throughout this season have been versions of past plots, and that’s left the show feeling strangely empty. Both on a comedic and emotional level, Modern Family has struggled to find a consistent tone, or something to prove that the show still has some life in its seventh season. This week’s episode gets off to a messy start, but eventually finds a lot of humor in its chaotic premise. Essentially, “Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House” is a comedy of errors, where misunderstanding after misunderstanding piles up until everything comes crashing down.

“Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House” starts out with a bit of a curveball, setting up a Thanksgiving themed episode but coming in at the end of Thanksgiving dinner. That slight shift in traditional storytelling is enough to immediately differentiate this …

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